Educational Special Services

The Goal

New Tribes Mission of Papua New Guinea has the goal of reaching indigenous people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and establishing mature churches among them. The express purpose of the Discovery Center at Numonohi Christian Academy is to aid NTM parents, school personnel, field leadership, and sending churches in this task by accurately identifying special educational needs, constructing effective educational plans, and equipping parents, teachers, and administrators to effectively meet the educational needs of NTM missionary families.

Our Responsibility

Mission schools have a unique opportunity to meet the educational needs of students from missionary families, thus facilitating the work of getting the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Dedicated to serving our missionary families, we seek to meet the learning needs of all children entrusted to us. Students who experience difficulties in learning present a special opportunity for us to glorify God. We see all of our students as part of God’s creation, potential members of the body of Christ, and part of God’s eternal purpose. We believe God is glorified when we bring our problems to Him, when needy conditions make us dependent on Him, and when our weaknesses are testimonies to God’s overcoming power and grace to see us through. We rejoice in the glory God receives when we respond to Christian service opportunities presented by meeting the special needs of missionaries’ children.

For more information about NCA’s Educational Special Services please read the NCA Discovery Program Sourcebook (pdf).