Prospective Family FAQs

  • What countries are your students and teachers from?
    We have had students from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Germany, Ghana, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, and Switzerland. While most of our staff members are from the USA, we also have had teachers from Australia, Belgium, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the UK.
  •  Are all of your students from NTM families?
    No. While the majority of our students are from NTM families, some come from other mission agencies in the area such as ABWE (Association of Baptists for World Evangelism), MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship), and CRMF (Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship). A smaller number of our students are PNG citizens or are from expatriate families here in PNG on business. While most of our teachers are with NTM, we have also had teachers from ABWE and MAF.
  • Where do students live?
    Most of our students live with their families here at our NTM Headquarters center where the school is located. For NTM students whose parents work in remote tribal locations, we have anywhere from one to three boarding homes staffed by full-time boarding home parents. We also have students who come each day from locations in the surrounding area. (more information on Boarding Home Program)
  • What computer resources are available at NCA?
    We have a fully equipped computer lab and offer courses in computer literacy and typing. Most classrooms and the library have at least one computer with internet access. Recent improvements in our internet reception have provided us with a fairly stable internet connection.
  •  What is your curriculum like?
    Traditionally our school has followed a U.S.-based curriculum drawing textbook material from a variety of sources, both Christian and secular. In view of the fact that our students come from many different countries, we try to integrate an international perspective into our curriculum as well.
  •  What about science courses?
    We have a fully equipped science lab for our Biology, Physics, and Chemistry courses. The lab is furnished with individual counters with running water, microscopes, Bunsen burners, and other tools.
  • Do you offer music or band?
    Yes! We are able to offer music to the elementary grades and various choir and band programs in the secondary grades. A wide variety of band instruments can be rented by students for a small fee.
  • What foreign languages are offered at NCA?
    When staff is available we offer two years each of Spanish and French. Students are required to take two years of one of these foreign languages (or an equivalent) in order to graduate.
  • What extracurricular sports do your students participate in?
    We have varsity programs in both boys and girls soccer, volleyball, basketball, and softball. Varsity teams participate in tournaments held once or twice each term. These tournaments include national schools from the Eastern Highlands Province along with Ukarumpa International School, another MK school run by SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics). In addition, the center often organizes informal sports activities such as roller hockey and rugby. We have a soccer field, gymnasium, outdoor sports complex (tennis, volleyball, and basketball), and fitness / weight room.
  • How is your school year divided?
    The school year begins in late July. There are four 8 or 9 week terms separated by three or four week breaks, with an 8 week break after the school year is over. The longer breaks between terms allow students who board here at NCA to spend more time with their parents out in the tribal locations. (see full calendar)