Numonohi Christian Academy was established in August 1966. In the beginning, school was held at the original Oliguti property in the heart of the Yagaria tribe. Its purpose was to meet the educational needs of the ever-increasing numbers of children of New Tribes Missionaries in PNG. Grades 1-3 met in an old bush house and grades 5-9 met in the Field Representative’s office. There were 21 students.

In September 1966 a lease was granted for the present property at Lapilo. The move was made so a proper school facility could be built with room for expansion as the student population increased. There was also a need for sports fields, better access to medical facilities and easier opportunities for supplies from Goroka. Depending on the road conditions, the supply run from Oliguti could take two days, but the new Numonohi property was located just 15 km from town.

By early 1967, work had begun to develop the property. February 1, 1971 was the start of the first term at Numonohi. Sixty-one students in K-12 met in the four classrooms in the first building. In 1973 a separate building was built and designated just for the elementary grades.

In 1988, the high school built a major addition which housed 5 classrooms (including a science lab) and a library. In 1992 a music and industrial arts building was constructed.

The newest elementary building was also completed during 1992. This building has individual rooms for Grades 1-6 as well as an elementary library which was renovated and expanded in 1997. The old elementary building continues to house the Grade 4 and 5 classrooms, as well as provide space for middle and high school classes and an elementary office.

Through the years a gymnasium (1980) and an outdoor sports complex (1998) were added, along with several dormitories. The high school library was expanded (1998), and the gymnasium was expanded to include bleachers and an improved stage (2005). The sports field continues to be leveled and improved. A sports locker room with showers and changing facilities was completed in 2017. Renovation of the school-wide computer lab is the next project.

It’s exciting to see what God has done for us over the years!