NCA Leadership

Dana Bowers is the NCA Principal. He accepted Christ in 1982 and began to pray,
“Lord, I will go anywhere and do anything – I just want to be used by You.”
The Bowers came to PNG in 1993 and served as dorm parents for six years. Since 2005, Dana has taught 6th grade, overseen NCA’s Boarding Program, and has served as part of NCA’s Administrative Team. Married for over 30 years, they have three grown children who graduated from NCA. He earned a bachelor’s degree in human development and teaching credential from Azusa Pacific University in California.
Paul McKnight is the NCA High School Vice Principal. Paul started teaching at NCA in August of 2003. He received his BA(Hons) from University of Ulster
at Jordanstown and his P.G.C.E (post grad) from Canterbury Christ Church College. Paul has taught Physical Education, History, Geography, Bible, and
Comparative Politics. He is married with 3 children; they are from Donaghadee, N. Ireland. He enjoys soccer, running, mountaineering, and many other sports.
Joe Chell is the NCA Elementary Vice Principal. He started teaching at NCA in 1997. Joe has taught NCA Elementary and Junior High-Level classes and
served in the Administration team. He taught in British Columbia, Canada for several years before teaching at NCA. He earned his Bachelor of Education Degree from Simon Fraser University.
Angie Copley is the mother of four girls.  The Copley family arrived in PNG in 2000.  They worked among the Hewa people where Angie learned to balance
home-schooling and language learning.  Angie continues to assist with the Hewa translation, content checking the translation for accuracy.  Angie is Married to Keith who serves as the Managing Director for PNG.  Angie loves hosting folks in her house and has a heart for praying for the missionaries in PNG.  Angie has been on the NMT for 6+ years.


Robyn Parry grew up in the Philippines where her parents are missionaries with New Tribes Mission.  She grew up in a remote tribal location and was there to see the first church plant for that people group when she was 8. At the age of 18 she moved back to Australia.  Robyn became a believer at a young age and having had first hand experience of tribal life and seeing the needs of remote locations, has always felt the Lord leading her to tribal work.  In 2010, Robyn, her husband Dave and their three kids moved to PNG to the Sepik area and in 2012, they moved into a remote tribal location in that area.  Due to health reasons, they couldn’t continue the work in a remote location, but in 2015 moved to Lapilo where they have been involved in support work with the mission ever since.
Robyn is involved in the purchasing department and is currently also serving on the Numonohi Management Team.