News & Notes: July 2013

General Information:

New Web Page. NCA has a new webpage at You will find helpful information on this site as well as a current copy of the school calendar.

REMINDER! Pick up and Drop off.  The road in front of the school will be closed to through traffic during school hours. This minimizes the amount of noise around the school and is safer for our students as they move between buildings and the playground.  The procedure is for vehicles to drive up the hill from the main gate to the second road and drop off their passengers at the corner just above the gym.  Please then drive up the hill, turn left and follow the road back down to the gate.  Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have questions please call the high school office (531-4570).


Beginning of a New School Year.  Classes for grades K-6 begin at 8am on Wednesday, July 24.  Because classes will be in session at the high school, we would ask the elementary children to come no sooner than 7:50 and to be considerate of classes in session.  For those traveling from town who are dropping off both elementary and high school students, we would ask that they make sure that their elementary children are under adult supervision until the time for school to start.   A reminder that students are asked  to have a pair of inside shoes that can be left in the classroom (shoes that are easy to get on and off), tennis shoes and a school hat for PE (PE hats can be obtained in the elementary office), and a regular (large) sized box of tissues for the classroom.   All other school supplies will be provided.

Lunch. For our non-Lapilo students, a supervised lunch is available.  A microwave is also available near the lunch pavilion for meal items that need to be heated.  The lunch supervisor should assist with use of the microwave.  For Lapilo students who go home for lunch, elementary students will return to the playground after 12:55.  Classes begin again promptly at 1:00pm.

Enrollment Forms / Immunizations.  If you have not returned your enrollment forms to the Elementary Office, please do so soon. We would like to have the forms in by the first day of school.  If you need additional copies please contact the office.  If you are returning from a time of home assignment please stop by the elementary office to check on immunization forms.

Assembly Our first assembly of the year will be Thursday, July 25, at 8 am in the Conference Kitchen.  Please join us if you can.

Lice check.  A lice check will take place on Friday, July 26th, for Kindergarten through Grade 6 students.   A notice will come home with your child if you need to treat for lice.

Parent Teacher Fellowship. Please join us on Monday, July 29th  at 7 pm for the Elementary Parent Night / Open House.  We will begin in the Conference Kitchen.  We will then allow time for you to visit your child’s classroom and meet their teacher.  This is a time for the parents to hear from the teachers about the curriculum, expectations for the students, and exciting activities for the year.

Elementary Classroom Staff and Location

Middle Building lower level

Principal – Renee Cox

Secretary –

North side upper

(E2)   Kindergarten         Kristin Simmons

(E3)   Grade 2                    Amber Adams    

North side lower
(E5)   Grade 6                    Dana Bowers

Middle Building North
(M4)   Grades 4/5           Gail Posenjak

South side upper

(E1)  Grade 1                 Bonnie Morton; Melissa Felker

(E4)  Grade 3                 Caroline Folkers

South side lower
(E6)  Grade 4 Math
(E7)  Library                  Clare Woodington

Grade 1-6 Music            Jennifer Marples

Grades 1 PE                     Kristin Simmons

Grades 2-6 PE                 Mark Woodard


Discovery                              Carrie Nowland; Marcus Snedeker; Tracy Wise

Search & Teach                    Rhesa Bagley; Marcy Hammonds; Carrie Nowland; Terri Sasaki

Jr. & Sr. High: 

First Day Opening Assembly. School begins at 7:45 AM on Wednesday, July 24. We will meet in the gym for an opening assembly during which student schedules will be issued.

Grade 7 Orientation. Grade 7 students and parents are invited to the Grade 7 Orientation the Tuesday before school starts, July 23, at 7:00 p.m. We will meet in the high school library. We will let you have your schedules and orient you to your classrooms and Jr. High routines! Questions? Call the high school office at 531-4570.

Grade 8-12 Open House. The Grade 8-12 Open House on August 5 at 7 pm is a time for parents to visit their child’s teachers and classrooms. We will meet in the Conference Kitchen where we will orient parents to various high school routines and procedures and issue schedules. You may then “come and go” to the various classrooms and visit with your child’s teachers. Again, any questions, please call the high school office.

Student handbooks. Secondary student handbooks may be obtained on the new NCA website ( or a printed copy may be obtained from the high school office. It would be a good idea for students and parents to read through this document


Dress Code Reminders.

Parents, as we start the new school year, we want to help minimize misunderstandings regarding some of NCA’s policies, particularly the area of attire.  The following is the rationale for NCA’s dress code:

The objective of dress code standards is to encourage good dress habits.  Proper dress can positively affect our daily Christian walk, mental attitude, classroom performance, and school spirit. A well-groomed, neat and modest appearance is required for NCA students.

Some of the guidelines for girls that we want to remind you about are as follows:

– Clothes that are tight-fitting, torn or tattered are not acceptable.

– Shorts of any kind as well as athletic attire (sweatpants, warm-ups, etc.) are not permitted.

– Dresses or skirts must not be above the knee when standing.

– Jeans or pants should be mid-calf or full-length.

– On Wednesdays girls must wear a dress or skirt to school for the duration of the school day.

– Bare midriffs, undergarments that are visible, low necklines, thin straps, low back dresses or

tops, and dresses or skirts with high cut slits are not allowed.

Some of the guidelines for boys are as follows:

– Clothing that is torn or tattered, is not acceptable.  Sleeved shirts are required.

– The following are not acceptable: undergarments that are visible; athletic attire (e.g. sweats,

jogging shorts, warm-ups).

– On Wednesdays boys must wear a collared shirt for the duration of the school day.

– Hair is not below the ear lobes or collar, nor overly bushy.


I do not know of a school that doesn’t have a dress code.  We understand that our dress code may not match up perfectly with your (or your children’s) personal fashion standards, but we also know that no dress code will meet with the satisfaction of everyone. We have tried to find a middle ground with regard to the wide interpretations of what defines modesty.  That being said, we would ask that you make sure that what your kids are wearing fits within our standards. By enrolling your children into NCA, you are submitting them to all of the schools policies and standards. We will attempt to work through issues of inappropriate attire with grace, but we will engage student on this issue if there are repeat infractions.  Thank you for your understanding and being willing to partner with us as a school.

Sincerely,  Scott H. Sasaki  – NCA High School Principal



Intermediate Band. Intermediate band will be an option for Grade 7 – 12 students. Intermediate Band will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays during 8th period (3:10 – 3:55 p.m.). Students may sign up for Intermediate Band in the high school office or by e-mailing .

Advanced Band.  Advanced band is available for Grade 7-12 students who already play a band instrument. Advanced Band will meet on Fridays during 8th period (3:10 – 3:55 p.m.). Students may sign up for Advanced Band in the high school office or by e-mailing .

Varsity Sports Tryouts.  Tryouts for boys’ volleyball and girls’ softball will be held Thursday and Friday, August 1 & 2 from 4:00 – 5:20 p.m.

Yearbook, Industrial Arts, Home Ec. are also options for grades 9-12.  Schedules will flex somewhat with student schedules.

Technology AUP.  In the first few days of school, students will come home with a Technology Acceptable Use Policy agreement for parents and students to read and sign. Please take a moment to read through this form with your child. On the back of the form is a section giving you various choices of Lapilo Internet access for your child.  These are described in more detail on the document coming, but they are 1. no internet access, 2. student assigned username and password, not known to the child but kept in the office to use only in specific, teacher-assigned activities, or 3. student is issued a username and password to use for educational purposes at his or her discretion.  Remember all internet use is under the supervision of a faculty or staff member.  Please begin thinking about which level is appropriate for your child.

Jr. & Sr. High Staff

Scott Sasaki                 Principal

John Adams                Social Studies, French

Jed Appell                    Vice Principal, Bible, Math

Emily Bonner               English

Joanie Bowers               H.S. Librarian

Gail Deering                  English

Erica Dorsey                 H.S. Secretary, Yearbook

Patrick Eggleton          Mathematics

Robyn Green                  Science, Math

Craig Hammonds          Science, Bible

Dib Hampton                  Bible, Industrial Arts

Jennifer Marples            Band

Paul McKnight                Social Studies, PE

Jody Riethmiller            Bible



23 Jul               New Student Orientation, Gr 8-12 (10 am); Grade 7 Orientation (7 pm)

24 Jul              2013-2014 School Year Begins!

25 Jul               Elementary Assembly (8:00 am)

26 Jul               Class Meetings, Grades 7-10 (3:10 pm)

29 Jul               Elementary Parent Night / Open House (7 pm)


5 Aug                Grades 8-12 Open House (7 pm)

9 Aug                Class Meetings, Grades 7-10 (3:10 pm)

21 Aug              MMP ends; Elem Assembly (8 a.m.)

26 Aug              National Day of Repentance – No School

30 Aug              EHPSSA Provincial Tournament; Games Night


2 Sep                Teacher In-Service, Noon closure

6 Sep                Staff Retreat – No School

13 Sep              Class Meetings, Grades 7-10 (3:10 pm)

16 Sep              PNG Independence Day – No School

18 Sep              Term 1 Ends


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