Boarding Program

Because the focus of NTM is evangelizing and establishing churches in remote tribal locations, most of the missionaries with NTM live in locations scattered all over the country of Papua New Guinea. During the primary years, families will usually homeschool their children in these locations. (For more information about the homeschooling program and resources, please contact the homeschooling department directly at homeschool @

However, as kids grow older and the needs of children take on different dynamics many parents realize that living in a remote location may not satisfy the social and academic needs of their children. How are they to deal with this dilemma? Tribal missionary work requires parents to be living in remote areas yet there is the need for their children to have interaction with like-peers while receiving a quality education. If all parents departed from interior locations to live near a school, evangelization efforts, establishment of churches and translation of Scripture in those areas would be less effective. It is for this reason NTM-PNG has established a boarding program at Numonohi Christian Academy. This program is geared primarily for teenagers and may include dorm and or home placements.

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