School Delay

Much like last year, we are in a situation where a number of our teachers are running about a week or two late due to delays in paperwork processing in Pt. Moresby. Therefore, the NCA Admin Team has decided to postpone the start of school one week to August 3. We realize this decision may inconvenience many of you; however, our newly arriving teachers cover such a large proportion of our classes that it is very difficult to begin the year without them.

To make up most of the lost days, we will start terms 2-4 on a Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, and end Term 2 on a Thursday (Dec 15). Our new school dates for 2011-12 will therefore be as follows:

2011-2012 Revised NCA Term Dates
(W) AUG 3, 2011 – (W) SEPT 21, 2011 Term 1
(T) OCT 11, 2011 – (Th) DEC 15, 2011 Term 2
(T) JAN 10, 2012 – (W) MAR 7, 2012 Term 3
(T) MAR 27, 2012 – (W) MAY 30, 2012 Term 4

Special note for boarding students:

We realize that some of you have made flight plans already for the start of the school year which are difficult or prohibitively expensive to change. Because of this special circumstance, the boarding homes can be open as necessary at the previous time (i.e., July 25-26) for those who cannot make changes at this late date. Otherwise, students can plan on moving in around August 1. Please contact NCA Dorm Coordinator, Dana Bowers as you finalize your plans.


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