NCA News & Notes: Mar 2012

General Information:

Field Day.  Field Day has been tentatively scheduled for April 27 during Term 4.

Flea Market.  The Student Council will be hosting a flea market April 14. More information will be coming from the Student Council on this in Term 4.

March 7, the end of term 3, will be a regular length school day (no early dismissal).

Term Dates 2012-13. For your planning purposes, here are the school dates for next year (assuming no delays in the start of school J):

  • (W) JUL 25, 2012     –     (W) SEPT 19, 2012            Term 1 (8 wks)
  • (W) OCT 10, 2012     –     (W) DEC 12, 2012              Term 2 (9 wks)
  • (W) JAN 9, 2013       –    (W) MAR 13, 2013              Term 3 (9 wks)
  • (W) APR 3, 2013      –     (W) MAY 29, 2013              Term 4 (8 wks)


Elementary Music Program presented by students in Grades 1 – 6 this Friday, March 2, at 7:00 p.m. in the gym. Everyone is invited to attend!

Elementary Assembly on March 6 at 8:00 a.m. in the conference dining hall.  The students in Kindergarten, Grade 2, and Grades 4/5 will be sharing with us.

Jr. & Sr. High: 

2012-13 Course Selection forms will be distributed to Grade 8-11 students at chapel on March 6. (Note this is only for students attending NCA in 2012-13.) Please read the information on the forms and complete the required information with your child. If you have any questions on course selection, please contact the high school office. We would ask that you return these forms by April 15.

 Provincial Tournament.  The EHSSSA has scheduled the provincial tournament during our school break on March 16; therefore, this Friday will be a regular school day. The boys basketball team will be representing NCA on that day.

Grade 7-9 Event hosted by Student Council will take place this Saturday March 3 at 6 p.m. at the gymnasium and conference kitchen. Come enjoy dinner and games!

 SAT on May 5.  In 2012, NCA will be hosting the SAT college entry exam on May 5 as well as later in November. You should register online for the SAT at Please register for the May exam by March 27. For more information, contact Neil Burleson at the high school.


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