News & Notes: December 2013


Christmas Festival is this Saturday evening. Students in Grades K-3 can begin shopping at 5 pm with student council members available to help them. (These younger students should bring the buying instruction sheet that was sent home in order to inform their “helper” about the right items to buy!) Buying for the rest of the NCA community will open at 5:30 pm. Come find Christmas gifts and enjoy stew and chili brought to you by Joanie Bowers and Sylvia Krobel!

NCA Christmas Concert will be held on Friday, December 6, at 7 pm. Come and hear our elementary students and our band put on a Christmas celebration for us!

Crazy Christmas Dress-up Day:  Next Friday, December 6 has also been designated a “Crazy Christmas” Dress-up Day by the NCA Student Council! Dress with Christmas colors and themes with a “crazy” twist. J

Travel plans:  Sometimes families need to make a trip that will cause their children to miss some days of school.  If this happens to you, it can be to your child’s benefit to check with the school before definite dates are set or tickets are purchased. We can often give input which could result in less make-up work for your child.


Elementary students will be released early on Dec 10 (1:55 pm) and Dec 11 (12:05pm) due to the longer work detail for the high school during the exam schedule.

Kindergarten students will begin term 3 on January 22nd. Mrs. Simmons will be teaching grades 4/5 for the first two weeks of the term while Miss Posenjak spends extra time with her family in the States, since her dad has cancer.

Jr. & Sr. High: 

Semester exam schedule. The class schedule for Grades 7-12 changes the final three days of school. Only Grade 9-12 students have semester exams, but the schedule change affects all students.  The schedule will be as follows:

Monday, Dec 9

8:00 – 9:55

10:10 – 12:05


1:05 – 1:54

1:57 – 2:47

2:50 – 3:05

Period 4 exam (Jr High – Per 4 classes)

Period 7 exam (Grade 11 English & Biology)

(Jr High – Per 7 classes)

Period 2 classes

Period 3 classes

Work Detail

Tuesday, Dec 10

8:00  – 9:55

10:10  – 12:05

1:05  – 1:54

1:57  – 3:05

Period 3 exam (Jr High – Per 3 class)

Period 5 exam (Jr High – P.E.)

Period 6 classes

Extended Work Detail

Wednesday, Dec 11

8:00  – 9:55

10:10  – 12:05

1:05  – 1:15

1:15 – 1:55

2:00 – 3:15

Period 2 exam(Jr High – Per 2 classes)

Period 6 exam (Jr High – Per 6 classes)

Locker Clean-up

Work Detail

Mop Crew only

Semester exams cover material from Terms 1 & 2. Please encourage your high school student to spend adequate time preparing for exams as they are weighted 20% of the semester grade. For all exams, students are to remain in the room during the entire scheduled time. At the teacher’s discretion, students may bring extra study materials or personal reading material to use if they finish their exam early. If a student has a scheduled study hall during a 2-hour exam period, they may stay & study quietly in the library, or stay at home – one place or the other.


30 Nov              Christmas Festival

6 Dec                Crazy Christmas Dress-up Day; Christmas Concert (7 p.m.)

11 Dec               Skate Night; Term 2 Ends

8 Jan                 Term 3 Begins

22 Jan               Term 3 Begins for Kindergarten students


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