News & Notes: November 2013

General Information:

In-service November 11th A teacher in-service is scheduled for Nov. 11. School will dismiss at lunch. Grades 7-12 will have periods 1-3 and 6-7 on that day.

Travel Assistance Fund. We would like to remind you about the travel assistance fund to financially assist families who face significant travel expenses to send their children to NCA (i.e., boarding students).  This fund is being used by some of our families and is available for donations for those who would like to contribute. If you are interested in this giving opportunity or would like more information, contact Scott at the high school office (). Thank you for your consideration.



Mid-Marking Period ends November 6.  Some of the elementary classes will be having Parent/Teacher Conferences November 12-15. Your child’s teacher will be contacting you if this is the case.

Elementary Assembly. The next Elementary Assembly is scheduled for November 20 at 8:00 a.m. We will be hearing from grades 1, 2, and 6.   Our current spiritual goal is “Show Respect:  For God, People, and Property.”

Preschool Packets   What’s a preschool packet?  It’s a packet of information developed for parents (by parents!!) of children ages three or four.  Why was it developed?  1. To educate parents about the social/emotional, language, large and small motor, and cognitive (thinking) skills that develop in children during these fun years  2. To provide simple activities that can be carried out in everyday life which will encourage these skills to develop  3. To facilitate understanding that these skills are foundational to future academic learning  4. To equip parents to assess their child’s readiness for formal learning to take place

Other resources in the packet:

What Kindergarten Teachers Would Like Your Child to Know

Get a Grip: (information on pencil grip and motor development for handwriting)

Reading Readiness Assessment which includes helpful checklists to help parents work with their five year old in developmentally appropriate ways.

If you’d like a preschool packet, please let the elementary office know. They are available for $4.00 each. (The price will cover the cost of copying and binding.)

Transitions.  One of our goals at NCA is to try to assist our students with major transitions in their lives.  As MKs, most of our students will face big transitions at one point or another.  If your family is anticipating a major transition coming up, please let our teachers know.  We have materials that can be used to help your children prepare for that transition.  We also can recommend books that can be used as a family to discuss some of the issues that you will face.


Jr. & Sr. High: 

Tournaments.  Invitational tournament will be held on Saturday, November 16.  In addition, the EHSSSA Tournament will be held on November 22. Grades 9-12 are dismissed from school on this day. Grade K-8 classes will continue as normal.  There is a chance that the girls basketball may be held at Lapilo.  If this is the case, there will be no school for grades K-8 on this day (November 22). If you have any questions, contact Paul McKnight.

Class Meetings. Class meetings for Grades 7-10 will be held on November 15th and 29th.

For Long Term Planning.  The NTM U.S.A. MTC will no longer have dual admissions. Meaning – they will now only accept new students in the fall of the year. Previously they also accepted new students in January but they’ll no longer be doing that.

Christmas Festival. The Christmas Festival will be held on November 30th. Students in Grades K-3 can begin shopping at 5 pm with student council members available to help them. (These younger students should bring the buying instruction sheet that was sent home in order to inform their “helper” about the right items to buy!) Buying for the rest of the NCA community will open at 5:45 pm. Come find Christmas gifts and enjoy dinner brought to you by the junior class!


6 Nov          Mid Marking Period Ends

9 Nov          Sadie Hawkins

11 Nov        Teacher in-service (Half-Day)

12-15 Nov  Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences

15 Nov        Class meetings 3:10 pm (Grades 7-10)

15 Nov        Family Night

16  Nov       Invitational Tournament

20 Nov        Elementary Assembly

22 Nov        EHSSSA Tournament – Grades 9-12 dismissed for the day

29 Nov        Class Meetings 3:10 pm (Grades 7-10)

30 Nov        Christmas Festival


6 Dec          Christmas Concert 7 pm

10 Dec        Elementary dismissed at 1:55 pm

11 Dec        Elementary dismissed at noon

Term 2 Ends


8 Jan           Term 3 Begins



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