News & Notes: January 2014

Happy New Year!

General Information:

New/Returning Students. Please welcome the following students to NCA for Term 3: Alayna Markley (1st), Jordan Markley (8th), Judah Markley (6th), Caleb Smith (8th), Charis Smith (11th), Nathan Smith (5th), Zachary Smith (3rd).

Pray for 2014-15 staffing. We would appreciate your prayers for staff for NCA for 2014-15. We have needs in English, upper level Math and two elementary grades.  Our recruiting window closes at the end of February.

Excused Absences.  Please remember to inform the school office first thing in the morning if your child will not be at school for any reason.  That will keep us from having to contact you to find out why.  Sending a note the following day is not a substitute for informing us the day of. Elementary Office 531-4575, High School Office 531-4570, or email

A Common MisconceptionMany NCA families believe that our Transitions Program is only for upperclassmen or just for high school students.  That is a misconception.  The NCA Transitions Program can be a valuable tool to help kids and parents better manage the frequent transitions involved in missionary and MK life. Living in PNG, we all go through frequent changes, moving from one place (or situation) to another.  This March, we are privileged to have Libby Stephens from Interaction International coming to Lapilo to run our transitions program for NCA students, and to provide valuable information to parents/families.  I would really encourage you to attend the general parent session (and maybe even bring your kids), especially if you haven’t seen or heard any of this in the past.  It could mean the difference between stumbling through your transitions and having some tools to equip you and your kids to transition well!  Mark your calendars–  Date:  February 4,  Time: 7:00pm   Place: Lapilo Conf. Dining Hall   See you there!    Scott Sasaki


Elementary Library – Clare Woodington is travelling and will not be back until the end of January.  During this time Renee Cox is covering as librarian.  If you need help in the library, please come get Renee at the elementary office.  Also, we have decided to change the dates of our Reading Festival so that Clare will be back for that.  The Reading Festival will begin on February 12th and end on February 26th.

Assembly – Due to changes in the Reading Festival dates we have also changed our schedule for assemblies.  Elementary assemblies this term will be on January 15th, February 12th, and February 26th.  Next Wednesday we will hear from grades 3, 4, and 5 and find out what our new Spiritual Goal is.

Lice Check – On Friday, January 10th the school nurse will be checking the elementary students for lice. A note will come home with your child if you need to treat for lice.

Kindergarten Class – Kindergarten classes will resume on January 22nd.

Jr. & Sr. High: 

Adding or dropping courses. Grade 9-12 students may now add or drop courses for second semester. The “add” deadline is Friday, January 10th at 4 p.m. The “drop” deadline is Wednesday, January 29th at 4 p.m. Students are required to carry 6 credits for the year (including correspondence courses).

Reminder! Items left outside. Because of the high cost of replacing instruments, textbooks, etc., any items that belong to the school (textbooks, calculators, instruments, etc.) that are left outside after hours will be held in the office and subject to a K5 fine and then returned to the student. Items that belong to students are not subject to a fine, and will continue to be put in the lost and found or held in the office (in the case of valuables, eye glasses, etc.)  Please remind your kids to keep track of the items for which they are responsible.  Thanks.

Post-High School planning meeting. A Post-HS planning meeting is scheduled for January 16th at 7 p.m. in room M3. The primary focus of this meeting is college / university entrance considerations. While we strongly encourage all 11th grade students (and their parents) to attend, anyone is welcome, particularly 10th grade students (or parents) who want to get a head start on college preparation.

Honor Roll. Congratulations to our 2013-14 Semester 1 Honor Roll students!

Grade 7-12 High Honor Roll (Semester 1)

Bjauke Mol                                           Kaleb Marsh                                      Kara Banman

Andrew Sasaki                                    Elizabeth Eggleton                            Savannah Beall

Jennifer Cox                                        Nathaniel Marples                              Micah Burnham

Brandt Woodard                                   Kyle Sasaki                                       Shania Colyn

Caleb Burnham                                    Caitlin Diepenbrock                             Sabra Housley

Grade 7-12 Honor Roll (Semester 1)

Carter Marsh                  Sharla Banman               Raylea Bagley                 Cameron Ludwig

Parker Snedeker            Melanie Bartschi           Hayley Bowers               Matthew Marples

Elicia Wakefield              Zachary Beall                 Joshua Goud                   Brianna Schrag

Robbie Bagley                 Caleb Hammonds          Alex Krobel                    Micah Weatherl

Honor roll grades are tabulated from semester averages. To be named to the honor roll a student must have had no grade lower than a B (83). To be named to the high honor roll, a student must have had no grade lower than an A- (90). Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 core curricular classes for honor roll consideration.


8 Jan.               Term 3 Begins

15 Jan.             Elem. Assembly 8 am

16 Jan              Post High School Planning Meeting 7 pm (Room M3)

17 Jan              Class Meetings (Grades 7-10, if necessary) – 3:10 pm

18,19 Jan          NCASC/MKCET Meetings

3-9 Feb             Transitions week

7 Feb.               Games Night


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