News & Notes: End of Year: 2013-2014

Hello NCA families,

As we head to the finish of the school year, the NCA School Committee wanted to make sure that you are kept updated with important information that you will need to know heading into the 2014-2015 school year.   Please read the items below and plan accordingly.

A Quick Correction Regarding Graduation Next Week

Commencement Exercises (Grad) starts at 6:00pm this year (not 5:30 as in the previous advertised in the last edition of News & Notes)

Tuition Increase for 2014-2015

Due to inflation and the rising cost of goods and services, NCA will have to increase the base tuition rate next year. It will be an increase of 5%. We realize that nobody wants to pay more, but our base tuition rate reflects the true cost of paying for our basic education services.

Changes to Student Fundraising

Most of you know that the NCA School Committee invested a significant amount of time considering fundraising and Senior Sneak this past April. We want to clarify and explain some of the implications of those decisions. In general, Jr. Class fundraising is being down-sized, and since the Sr. trip is now the responsibility of families, the heavy load of fundraising will be a personal/family responsibility. Here are some of the implications of that:

–          This is not a change, but all students are allowed to do personal fundraising (to earn up to $300 USD/yr. by PNG student visa guidelines.)

–          Food Item sales at Independence Day and Christmas Festival may be available to individual vendors or other (non-Jr.) classes. (This must be approved and will be coordinated by the Numonohi Management Team – NMT.)

–          Other (non-Jr.) classes may have the option to run a fundraising event (Skate Night, Restaurant, etc. ) but only with the approval of the NMT.

–          Individuals/Families in the community can choose to run a fundraiser (Skate Night, Restaurant, etc.) but will be asked to coordinate this with the NCA school calendar (to minimize scheduling conflicts).

–          All class fundraising money may only be used for NCA sanctioned activities. So, class monies cannot be withdrawn/disbursed for personal use.

Dress Code Modifications

In an effort to make the school dress code guidelines more clear and understandable, the NCA School Committee spent time reviewing the current dress code and made the following changes. These dress code expectations apply to school days and NCA sponsored events like concerts and awards night. Wording regarding Formal Dress Guidelines has also been added. Please make sure that you plan appropriately to make sure that your children have clothes that fit within the requirements. We have not included the entire dress code here, only the portions that have been added or modified.

Section 7.2 A. Guidelines for Girls

  1. Girls may wear dresses, skirts, pants or jeans to school. Clothes that are visibly tight fitting, torn or tattered are not acceptable. Shorts of any kind as well as athletic attire (sweatpants, warm-ups, etc.) are not permitted.
  2. Dresses, skirts, jeans or trousers must cover the knee when sitting in a chair.
  3. On Chapel (Dress/Skirt) days, girls must wear a dress or skirt to school for the duration of the school day.
  4. Bare midriffs, undergarments that are visible, low necklines, thin straps, low back dresses or tops, and dresses or skirts with high cut slits are not allowed.

(New)Section 7.2 D. Formal Event (Banquet and Graduation) Girls’ dress guidelines

  1. No low cut dresses or cleavage showing.
  2. No exposed skin lower than the shoulder blades.
  3. No slits higher than top of the knee (with or without heels on.)
  4. Dresses shouldn’t be shorter than the top of the knee.
  5. Dresses shouldn’t be tight over the hips and buttocks.

Yearbook Considerations

Please be aware that it is possible that there will be NO yearbook class and subsequently no yearbook for 2014-2015. This has mainly due to trying to find someone with the skills, availability and willingness to take on this role. We are open to the possibility of running this more as a club but it would still require someone with the time and the skills. If in fact we cannot organize an NCA yearbook, individuals might be encouraged to develop their own school photobook as an alternative.

Important Reminders

Elementary Schedule – Please remember that the Elem start time next year is 7:45am. Our primary reason for making this schedule change has to do with curriculum coverage and instruction. There are a few side benefits like coordinated passing, start & release times which helps with noise management and traffic.   This also utilizes the time in the morning when the kids (and drivers) have had to wait until the elementary program started.

Set Entry/Exit Points – Last year the NCASC decided to revert back to having set entry and exit points for students coming into and leaving the program. This will benefit our teachers who have had to deal with a large number of kids trying to catch-up or to provide materials for numerous students who were leaving early. We believe that the greatest benefit in this is for the stability of a students’ education.   This also forces the conversation with parent about the consistency of their educational plan and the importance it has for student learning. If you are considering coming at a different time than the start of a semester, or leaving before a semester is complete, please don’t make plans before first consulting the school administration. You could find yourself in a situation that you might have been able to avoid.       (Exceptions can be made for “emergency” situations.)


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