News & Notes: Final for 2013-2014


Elementary Library Hours. The elementary library will be open on Tuesdays during June from 10 – noon.

Jr. & Sr. High:  

Grade 7-12 students taking mathematics in 2014-2015: Grade 7-12 students at NCA are encouraged to have a good calculator for class (Grade 7 will not need a calculator until 2nd semester). In classes up through geometry, a good scientific calculator is helpful. In courses from Algebra 2 through Calculus, students will need a graphing calculator (preferably a TI-83 or TI-84). These calculators can be rented from the mathematics department ($8 for the year), but it is good for students to have one of their own. Please consider looking into a purchase of a good calculator over the break.

Honor Roll. Congratulations to our 2013-14 Semester 2 Honor Roll students!  

Grade 7-12 High Honor Roll (Semester 2)

Raylea Bagley

Kara Banman

Savannah Beall

Caleb Burnham

Micah Burnham

Shania Colyn

Jenny Cox

Caitlin Diepenbrock

Cameron Ludwig

Nate Marples

Carter Marsh

Bjauke Mol

Kyle Sasaki

Micah Weatherl

Brandt Woodard


Grade 7-12 Honor Roll (Semester 2)

Robbie Bagley

Sharla Banman

Melanie Bartschi

Zachary Beall

Hayley Bowers

Lauren Copley

Tobin Deering

Elizabeth Eggleton

Caleb Hammonds

Sabra Housley

Matthew Marples

Kaleb Marsh

Brooke Ray

Andrew Sasaki

Brianna Schrag

Caleb Smith

Charis Smith

Parker Snedeker

Elicia Wakefield

Honor roll grades are tabulated from semester averages. To be named to the honor roll a student must have had no grade lower than a B (83). To be named to the high honor roll, a student must have had no grade lower than an A- (90). Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 core curricular classes for honor roll consideration.

Have a great school break!


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