News & Notes: Senior Sneak & Fundraising

Fundraising & Sneak Information:

Hello parents of Gr. 7-10 students,

The NCA School Committee had its quarterly meeting over this last weekend and had some significant issues to discuss. One of those issues was the future of Junior Class Fundraising and Senior Sneak. We are writing to you specifically because this issue has/may have a more immediate impact on you and your children (because of how close they are to their Junior & Senior year in high school.) We recognize that this is a significant issue for many in our school community and we spent almost 6 hours on this item alone, discussing and deliberating to reach consensus.

To frame the context for our discussions, there were two main factors moving us toward this need for change. One consideration was the object of the effort and energy invested in the fundraising year, that being the Senior Sneak trip. Some of the NCASC (and some in the NCA community) did not believe that this type of trip was consistent with NCA’s Biblical worldview perspective. We also understand that for some, these things do seem consistent with our values as a Christian school. The other major factor is related to our organizational contraction, not just NCA, but NTM-PNG and our Lapilo Community. Because we are still trying to do many of the things we’ve always done, but with less people, we do not believe it is realistic or wise to think we can maintain the current level of fundraising activity without cost to other priority ministry areas. We already have some cracks in our organization’s foundation.

With this in mind, the following conclusion has been reached with regard to Senior Sneak and Junior Class Fundraising: (It should be noted that these things are not necessarily going away, but modified or moved under the responsibility of parents.)

– The Senior Sneak will no longer be the responsibility of the school to coordinate. If it happens, it is to be

supervised and funded independently of NCA. (Involvement in any Senior trip would be a personal choice

and the responsibility of parents.)

– Any Jr. Class fundraising that does take place would primarily be used to fund class outings, service projects,

senior retreat or graduation activities.

– NCA will continue to provide oversight for all classes for Christmas Festival, Independence Day, class outings,

and class service projects.

– When seeking junior class advisors, it will be made clear that class fundraising is not a required aspect of the

role (beyond Independence Day and Christmas Festival). The Junior Class may engage in some additional

fundraising, but this will be limited to two class fundraising events per term (beyond Christmas Festival and

Independence Day). Advisors may have the flexibility to do only one of the additional fundraising events or

none at all. The junior class will be given priority to run one skate night per term should they choose. Funds

generated by the class will only be available for NCA class events and students will not be able to take a cut of

the fundraising money for personal use.


There are some benefits to running things this way.

– If parents believe that a senior trip is important, they are at liberty to make that happen. Those who believe

that a senior trip does not have this level of importance have the freedom to do something else.

– This places fundraising for a possible trip in the hands of parents. We have found that personal fundraising is

2 to 3 times more profitable than class (group) fundraising.

– Other grades will also be allowed the option of providing a hot food item at some of our events, taking the

burden off of one class to do this. By reorganizing in this way, we hope to continue providing a food service

to the community.

We recognize that these adjustments will be difficult for some to accept, and we understand that some will need to grieve the loss of a cherished tradition. Our hope is that these changes will allow us to continue meeting our core purpose as a school and as a broader organization. We also hope that this will be a great opportunity for parents to engage with their children in teaching them (and modeling for them) teamwork, planning, diligence and work ethic. Thank you for your understanding

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us at the High School or Elementary offices or any of the NCA School Committee members.


Serving Together,

Scott Sasaki– on behalf of the NCASC


NCASC Members: Jed Appell, Rosie Banman, Linn Beall, Dana Bowers, Larissa Colyn, Mitch Hoskins, Scott Sasaki, Kelly Tallman, Erika Weatherl, Holly Woodard


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