News & Notes: Sixth Grade

To all NCA families,

We have a few items that we wanted to pass along to you now, instead of waiting for the next News and Notes.

NCA has been wrestling for some time now with how to manage a shortage of teachers for the coming school year.  This shortage is impacting both the high school and the elementary programs.  It is apparent that some services will need to be reduced to maintain the quality of our program and manage the workload for our teachers.  Due to the very small number of NTM students in grade 6 next year and based on NCA’s primary purpose to educate the children of NTM families, the NCA School Committee has decided that we will not run a 6th grade class this coming year.  This has been a difficult but necessary decision.  Please feel free to contact the school if you have questions.

On the calendar it says there is an Elementary Assembly on April 30th.  This has changed and we will not be having an assembly that day.

I (Renee) will be making a trip to the US and will be out of the office from April 22nd until the end of the school year.  Pam Hampton, the elementary secretary, will be available to help you with normal school related items () or you can contact Scott Sasaki () with questions.  You can also contact me at my new school address (), but it might be a few days before I reply.

Many of you have turned in enrollment forms for next year.  Thanks for giving us that information!  There is still time to get your enrollment form in to the school before April 30th.


Trusting Him,

Renee Cox

Elementary Principal

Numonohi Christian Academy


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