News & Notes: July 2015

General Information:

Beginning of a New School Year. Classes for grades 1, 4, 5, and 6 begin at 7:45am on Wednesday, July 29th. Kindergarten and grades 2 and 3 start on Monday, August 3rd. A reminder that students are asked to have a pair of inside shoes that can be left in the classroom (shoes that are easy to get on and off), tennis shoes, a school hat for PE (PE hats can be obtained in the elementary office), and a regular (large) sized box of tissues for the classroom. All other school supplies will be provided.

Kindergarten Preview. Friday morning, July 31st, we invite all kindergarten students and their parents to stop by the kindergarten classroom for a brief orientation. This is a good time to get PE hats for school, meet the teacher, see the classroom, and get other information to help prepare for school. Come at 8 am.

Lunch. Elementary students will be dismissed at 12:10 for lunch. For our non-Lapilo students, a supervised lunchtime is available. A microwave is also available near the lunch pavilion for meal items that need to be heated. The lunch supervisor should assist with use of the microwave. For Lapilo students who go home for lunch, elementary students may return to the playground after 1:00 pm. Classes begin again promptly at 1:05 pm.

Enrollment Forms / Immunizations. If you have not returned your enrollment forms to the Elementary Office, please do so soon. We would like to have the forms in by the first day of school. If you need additional copies please contact the office. If you are returning from a time of home assignment please stop by the Elementary Office to update the immunization forms.

Assembly. Our first assembly of the year will be Wednesday, August 5th at 7:45 am in the Conference Kitchen. Please join us if you can.

Lice and Vision Checks. Lice and vision checks will be held in the first two weeks of school. A notice will come home with your child if you need to treat for lice. Ivermectin is an oral medication that can be very effective in preventing and treating lice. If you are interested in getting this for your child, please contact the NTM Medical Clinic. If there are any concerns after your child has had their vision checked, we will contact you.

Parent Teacher Fellowship. Please join us on Monday, August 3rd, at 7 pm for the Elementary Parent Night / Open House. We will begin in the Conference Kitchen. We will then allow time for you to visit your child’s classroom and meet their teacher. This is a time for the parents to hear from the teachers about the curriculum, expectations for the students, and exciting activities for the year.

Elementary Classroom Staff and Locations
Middle Building lower level
Principal – Renee Cox
Secretary – Pam Hampton

North side upper
(E2) Kindergarten Amber Adams
(E3) Grades 2/3 Heather Saunders
Grade 3 Math/SS Robin Watters

North side lower
(E5) Grade 6 Dana Bowers

Middle Building North
(M4) Grade 4 Joe Chell

South side upper
(E1) Grade 1 Bonnie Morton

South side lower
(E6) Grade 5 Gemma Maxwell

(E7) Library Laurel Schroder
Technology Amber Adams
Music Jennifer Marples
Grade 1-3 PE Stacy Jex
Grades 4-6 PE Paul McKnight

German Studies Sibylle Galle
Discovery Marcus Snedeker
Search & Teach Lisi Buortesch
Marcy Hammonds
Terri Sasaki

Jr. & Sr. High:
First Day Opening Assembly. School begins at 7:45 AM on Wednesday, July 29th. We will meet in the gym for an opening assembly during which student schedules will be issued.

Grade 7 Orientation. Grade 7 students and parents are invited to the Grade 7 Orientation the Tuesday before school starts, July 28th, at 7:00 p.m. We will meet in the high school library. We will let you have your schedules and orient you to your classrooms and junior high routines! Questions? Call the high school office at 7224-4978.

English Correspondence 101. NCA is partnering with parents this year for English courses in grades 9-12. To get everybody started, we are planning a meeting to help explain some of the processes involved with the course, some of the technical requirements, the role of NCA, the role of parents, and what students should plan for and expect. We’ll walk through a sample lesson and hopefully answer questions you may have about correspondence English this year. We anticipate that this will be a very beneficial meeting for both parents and students, therefore please plan on attending on Thursday, July 30th at 7 pm in the Gym with your student(s). You will likely get the most out of this meeting if you log in to the University of Nebraska High School’s WayCool system before Thursday and do some exploring with your student. You should have already received login information for each of your students in an email from UNHS.

Grade 8-12 Open House. The Grade 8-12 Open House on August 10th at 7 pm is a time for parents to visit their child’s teachers and classrooms. We will meet in the Conference Kitchen where we will orient parents to various high school routines and procedures and issue schedules. We will then run through a schedule so that you may hear from each of your child’s teachers. Again, any questions, please call the high school office.

Student handbooks. Secondary student handbooks may be obtained on the NCA website ( or a printed copy may be obtained from the high school office. It would be a good idea for students and parents to read through this document

Beginning Band. Beginning Band will be an option for Grade 6 – 12 students. Beginning Band will meet during 6th period. Students may sign up for Beginning Band in the high school office.

Intermediate and Advanced Bands. Intermediate and Advanced Band will be an option for Grade 7 – 12 students during 8th period (3:10 – 3:55 p.m.). Students may sign up for these in the high school office.

Industrial Arts (7-12) Industrial Arts will be an option for Grade 7 – 12 students during 5th or 6th periods. If it fits within their schedule, students may sign up for this in the high school office.

Computer Applications (9-12) Computer Applications will be an option for Grade 9 – 12 students during 3rd period of first semester. If it fits within their schedule, students may sign up for this in the high school office.

Home Economics (9-12) Home Economics will be an option for Grade 9 – 12 students. Home Ec will meet during 3rd period of second semester. Students may sign up for this in the high school office.

Technology AUP. In the first few days of school, students will come home with a Technology Acceptable Use Policy agreement for parents and students to read and sign before students will be allowed on the internet. Please take a moment to read through this form with your child. Remember all internet use is under the supervision of a faculty or staff member.

High School Staff

Scott Sasaki Principal
John Adams Bible, Social Studies,
French, Computer Applications
Amanda Austin Social, Studies English
Becky Burleson Spanish
Neil Burleson Bible
Joanie Bowers H.S. Librarian

Erica Dorsey H.S. Secretary
Patrick Eggleton Math
Robyn Green Vice Principal, Science, Math
Craig Hammonds Science, Math, Bible
Dib Hampton Industrial Arts, PE
Jennifer Marples Band
Paul McKnight Social Studies, PE

28 Jul New Student Orientation (10 am)
Grade 7 Orientation (7 pm)
29 Jul 2015-2016 School Year Begins!
31 Jul Class Meetings, Grades 7-12 (3:10 pm)
3 Aug Elementary Parent Night / Open House (7 pm)
5 Aug Elementary Assembly (7:45 am)
10 Aug Grades 8-12 Open House (7 pm)
21 Aug Class Meetings, Grades 7-12 (3:10 pm)
26 Aug National Day of Repentance – No School
26 Aug MMP ends
28 Aug Provincial Tournament

9 Sep Teacher In-Service, Noon closure
11 Sep Class Meetings, Grades 7-12 (3:10 pm)
16 Sep PNG Independence Day – No School
23 Sep Elementary Assembly (7:45 am)
26 Sep NCASC meetings
27 Sep MKCET meetings
30 Sep Term 1 Ends

NCA Student Advocates
Dib and Pam Hampton

NCA Management Team (NMT)
Dana Bowers (Boarding Home Coordinator)
Angie Copley (Goroka Valley Rep)
Renee Cox (Elem Principal)
Robyn Green (HS Vice Principal)
Scott Sasaki (HS Principal)

NCA School Committee (NCASC)
Linn Beall (Parent Rep)
Dana Bowers (Boarding Home Coordinator)
Angie Copley (Goroka Valley Rep)
Renee Cox (Elem Principal)
Robyn Green (HS Vice Principal)
Mitch Hoskins (FLT Rep)
Scott Sasaki (HS Principal)


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