News & Notes: November 2015

General Information:
BIG NEWS! – As part of NCA’s on-going efforts to adjust to our changing world and to improve our service to the NTM PNG team, we have been evaluating ways to enhance our staffing. We were encouraged to evaluate our current staffing by the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) as part of our accreditation renewal process, since staffing remains one of the greatest challenges for the school.

Out of that evaluation, a recommendation has been made by the NCA School Committee to lengthen the “long break” in June/July to provide school staff the opportunity to return to their home countries each year if they choose, and thereby avoid taking a year home assignment every four years. There are a number of other benefits and challenges associated with this change. The NCA staff, admin, school committee, NTMA team, dorm families, and NTM PNG Church Development team have all given input into the proposed plan. We hope that we can maximize the benefits to our members and the church development effort while being flexible enough to minimize the challenges that the new schedule may create. NCA has committed to reviewing this policy next year after implementation to get feedback about how it is working. The NTM-PNG Director Board has therefore given its endorsement to the school committee’s recommendation, beginning in the 2016-2017 school year.

NCA’s school dates for 2016-2017 will be:
2016 Term 1 – August 9 through October 6
2016 Term 2 – October 25 through December 21
2017 Term 3 – January 10 through March 9
2017 Term 4 – March 28 through May 25

We appreciate the hard work of all those involved in this process and the broad team that has given their input. We welcome your feedback as always!

Elementary Picture Day: The elementary students will be having their pictures taken for the yearbook on Wednesday, Nov. 4th.

Jr. & Sr. High:
Picture Day for Grade 7 – 11 students: They will have their picture taken for the yearbook on Tuesday, Nov. 10th.

SAT: The SAT will be held on November 7th. The deadline to register for this exam was Friday, October 9th.There will be another SAT exam in May here at NCA. If you have further questions, please call the high school office.

Spiritual Emphasis Weekend (SEW):
We still need breakfast items, snacks, and some dinners for the Hume Lake team while they are staying here. Please contact Joanie Bowers at if you can help.

9th-12th Grade Spiritual Emphasis WeekendOther details about SEW were sent out via email and hard copy earlier this week. Please remember to email contact information to Miss Dorsey at and to bring your cookies to the high school office. Let us know what other questions you have about the details. Keep praying for the leaders as they prepare and travel. Pray for the time our students will have with them to be encouraging and challenging.

7th and 8th Grade Spiritual Emphasis Weekend – We are excited that the team from Hume Lake will also be doing SEW for our seventh and eighth grade students. Students will have SEW at Lapilo from 3:15 pm to 8 pm on Tuesday, November 17th and at Sobega from 8 am to 8 pm on Wednesday, November 18th. Details about SEW were sent out via email and hard copy earlier this week. Remember to email contact information to Miss Dorsey at and to bring your cookies to the high school office. Please communicate with your student about transportation on those days. Please be praying with us for the students and adults that will be participating in Grade 7 and 8 SEW!

Grade 9-12 English Correspondence FAQ
What happens when my student finishes their English course?
We’ve already had students complete semester one of their English course. Congratulations! When your student finishes, an email confirmation is sent to the address associated with the account. Please forward this email with the attachment to Erica Dorsey at . Then have your student come to the high school office with their login information. We’ll ask them to login to their WayCool account and confirm their progress and grade information.
The process above will ensure that the correct course and grade are posted to their NCA transcript. You will not need to order an additional transcript from UNHS. Let the high school office know if you have any questions.


30 Oct Class Meetings 3:10 pm and Elementary Games Night in the evening (hosted by Sr. Class)
31 Oct Skate Night
4 Nov Picture Day for Elementary Students
5 Nov Fancy Schmancy Dress-up Day and NCA Staff Meeting 7:00 pm
7 Nov SAT 8:00 am
10 Nov Picture Day for Grade 7 – 11 Students
12 – 15 Nov Spiritual Emphasis Weekend (SEW) for grades 9 – 12 (starts at 3:15 pm on the 12th)
17 – 18 Nov Spiritual Emphasis for grades 7 – 8 (starts at 3:15 pm on the 17th)
18 Nov Mid-Marking Period (MMP) ends
19 Nov H.S. Chapel (on Thursday this week instead of Wednesday) – NCA Spirit Dress-up Day
20 Nov No School: Provincial Tournament – Girls’ Basketball at Lapilo, Boys’ Soccer at NSI
21 Nov Sadie Hawkins Event for Grades 9 – 12
23 – 27 Nov Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences (unless done in Term 1)
25 Nov Teacher In-service: Noon Closure (HS goes to periods 1,2,3,6,and 7)
27 Nov Class Meetings 3:10 pm
28 Nov Family Night
5 Dec Christmas Festival
9 Dec Elementary Assembly 7:45 – All classes sharing
11 Dec Crazy Christmas Dress-up Day
11 Dec Elementary Music & Band Concert
12 Dec NCA Drama Production
15 Dec Elementary students dismissed at 1:55
16 Dec Term 2 ends – Elementary students dismissed at 12:10


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