News & Notes: March 2016

General Information:

Tournament Dates. The EHSSSA Provincial Tournament is on Friday, March 11. There will be no school that day as the boys’ basketball games will be at NCA. We are still waiting to hear where the girls’ soccer games will be held.

WASC Accreditation Mid-Cycle Visit. NCA hosted a team from our accrediting organization last month. We received a six-year accreditation in 2013, and this was the Mid-Cycle check-in visit. They visited classrooms, analyzed evidence that the staff had compiled, and talked to students, teachers, and parents. The team agreed that we were making progress in the eleven critical areas of follow-up that we were tasked with in 2013. They had four recommendations related to these areas including continuing to implement and evaluate curriculum standards, providing more professional development for teachers, recruiting a counselor, and finding ways to meet the needs of students who flourish in areas other than sports and academics. The team had many encouraging things to say about the work and the students of NCA. If you would like the full report, please email Erica Dorsey.

Term 4 Start Date. We will start Term 4 on Wednesday, April 6.

Looking ahead to next year. Enrollment forms for school next year will be sent out with the April News and Notes. Please remember to take note of the term dates for the 2016-2017 school year as you make your travel plans.

Term 1             Tuesday, August 9 – Thursday, October 6

Term 2             Tuesday, October 25 – Wednesday, December 21

Term 3             Tuesday, January 10 – Thursday, March 9

Term 4             Tuesday, March 28 – Thursday, May 25


Terra Nova.  Achievement testing will be taking place Monday through Thursday mornings the week of April 11 – 14 for NCA elementary students.  Please help your children by making sure that they have plenty of sleep and a good breakfast each day of the testing.  The 1st through 6th grade elementary students will be testing each morning prior to recess.  If a student has been ill, make-ups will be provided in the late mornings or afternoons.  If you have any questions, email Renee Cox.

High School:

Terra Nova.  Achievement testing will take place the week of April 11th. All students will have a modified schedule in order to accommodate testing before the morning break. If a student is ill, make-ups will be provided in the late mornings or afternoons. If you have any questions, email Robyn Green.

 English Correspondence. Email progress reports to Erica Dorsey on Wednesday, April 6th. We will be halfway through the semester at that point, and we hope to see your student at least that far in their second semester progress. Documentation (as outlined in previous emails and News & Notes) that the semester has been completed must be done before a transcript will be issued for the year.

 AP Tests. AP tests aren’t until May, however they have to be ordered this month. Students who are eligible to take exams were given an information book and were instructed to consult their parents and teachers about which exams they should take. Email Robyn Green by Wednesday, March 16th with your decision about what AP tests your student would like to take.

SAT on May 7. NCA will be hosting the SAT college entry exam in May as well as next November. You should register online for the SAT at The registration deadline for the May exam is April 8. However, we would recommend you register well in advance of the deadline. The library has three new study guides that address the changes found on the new exam. These are available for checkout. For more information contact Robyn Green at the high school.


5 Mar.            Banquet for grades 10 – 12

10 Mar.             NCA Spirit Day

11 Mar.             Provincial Tournament – No School

16 Mar.             Term 3 ends

6 Apr.             Term 4 begins

11-14 Apr.        Achievement Testing

1 June            Last day of the school year/graduation



NCA Who’s Who

NCA Student Advocates

Keith and Angie Copley

Dib and Pam Hampton


NCA Management Team (NMT)

Dana Bowers (Boarding Home Coordinator)

Angie Copley (Goroka Valley member)

Renee Cox (Elem Principal)

Robyn Green (H.S. Vice Principal)

Scott Sasaki (H.S. Principal)


NCA School Committee

Linn Beall (Parent member)

Chris Bittner (Parent member)

Dana Bowers (Boarding Home Coordinator)

Angie Copley (Goroka Valley member)

Renee Cox (Elem Principal)

Robyn Green (H.S. Vice Principal)

Mitch Hoskins (FLT member)

Scott Sasaki (H.S. Principal)

Esther Smith (Parent member)


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