News & Notes: December 2016

News and Notes

Volume: 12                                                                                                                                 Number: 4                                                                                                                           December 2016


Christmas Festival is Saturday evening, December 10th.  Students in Grades K-3 can begin shopping at 5 pm with student council members available to help them. (These younger students should bring the buying instruction sheet that will be sent home in order to inform their “helper” about the right items to buy!) Buying for the rest of the NCA community will open at 5:45 pm. Come find Christmas gifts and various food items to enjoy!  Please remember that our Christmas Festival is NOT open to the general public.  It is reserved for NCA families, NTM members and members of close partner missions, so please do not invite others without receiving permission from the high school office first. Thanks!

Assistance during school break:  The school admin team and teachers will be working during the school break, so if you need to contact someone about school matters feel free to send an email or call the offices.

Transitions: Graduation may seem like a long way off (May 25), but we know some of you are beginning to think about travel plans and purchasing tickets back to your passport country, so we want to offer this transitions reminder. We urge you to resist the temptation to make travel plans for the day after graduation. This makes for a terrible transitions plan for kids, especially high schoolers who will be attending the grad party. The emotional upheaval of leaving is greatly compounded by lack of sleep and physical exhaustion. After the battle with the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel, Elijah essentially had a meltdown. How did God care for him? Rest and food. Please give your kids the gift of a few days to regain their equilibrium before loading them on that plane.

2017-2018 School Calendar

You might find the following information useful for planning purposes.

Term 1: (T) August 8, 2017 — (Th) October 5, 2017

Term 2: (T) October, 24, 2017 — (W) December 20, 2017

Term 3: (T) January 16, 2018 — (Th) March 15, 2018

Term 4: (W) April 4, 2018 — (Th) May 31, 2018



Elementary Assembly – December 14th – Everyone is invited to come to the elementary assembly in the conference dining hall, starting at 7:45 am, to hear what the students have to share with us.

Elementary students will be released at noon on both Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 20th and 21st due to the longer work detail schedule at the end of the term.  (Kindergarten classes will run until 10:30 both of those days, as usual.)

Jr. & Sr. High: 

Please contact the HS office for the semester exam schedule. Please note that the schedule is different the last three days of the term.

Semester exams cover material from Terms 1 and 2. Please encourage your high school student to spend adequate time preparing for exams as they are weighted 20% of the semester grade. For all exams, students are to remain in the room during the entire scheduled time. At the teacher’s discretion, students may bring extra study materials or personal reading material to use if they finish their exam early. If a student has a scheduled study hall during a 2-hour exam period, they may stay and study quietly in the library, or stay at home – one place or the other.

*Grades 7 and 8 students have PE.

Post-HS Planning NCA will have a post-HS planning meeting at 7 pm on Thursday, January 19th in M3. It is designed to be most helpful for current juniors and their parents, but sophomores who will be in their home countries over the summer or seniors that don’t have a plan may also find it beneficial.



9 Dec                     Crazy Christmas Dress-up Day

10 Dec                    Christmas Festival

14 Dec                    Elementary Assembly

21 Dec                    Term 2 Ends

10 Jan                    Term 3 Begins


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