News & Notes: February 2017

NCA News and Notes

Volume: 12                                                                                   Number: 6                                                  February 2017

General Information

Tournament: We are planning to host the NCA Invitational Tournament on Saturday, February 18. Please dress up for Sprit Day on Friday, February 17 to support our teams.

Faculty In-service:  Wednesday, February 15, is a half-day staff in-service.  Students will be dismissed at lunch, and there will be no school in the afternoon. High school will hold periods 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in the morning.

Sack Lunch Day:  On Friday, February 24 we will be having an all-school sack lunch day.  The Student Council will be organizing some fun games to play after lunch is finished.  Bring your lunch and bring your fun!

Looking ahead to next year:  These are the term dates for the 2017-2018 school year:

Term 1: (T) August 8, 2017 — (Th) October 5, 2017

Term 2: (T) October, 24, 2017 — (W) December 20, 2017

Term 3: (T) January 16, 2018 — (Th) March 15, 2018

Term 4: (W) April 4, 2018 — (Th) May 31, 2018

2017-2018 Staffing. We appreciate your prayers for staff for NCA for 2017-2018. We have needs in lower elementary, HS Math, HS Science, HS Electives, and all levels of Music. We do have one elementary teacher and a high school secretary on the way. We also have a few math teachers that have enquired. Keep spreading the word!


We are excited to have a team coming from MK Care in the U.S. to minister to our students and families.  Please note the following special seminars.  We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to equip yourselves and your kids with information that can help in walking through a variety of transitions that we face.

  • Monday, Feb. 27 – “Is There a Reason for My Struggles?” for students in grades 7-12 only.        (Conference Kitchen at 7:30pm)
  • Tuesday, Feb. 28 – General Parent Session – “Transitions for All” for ALL parents.  (Conference Kitchen at 7:30pm)
  • Wednesday, Mar. 1 – “The Hidden Immigrant” for PNG citizen parents & students only.                      (Room M3 at 7:00pm)
  • Thursday, Mar. 2 – “Raising MKs in ReEntry” for parents of current juniors & seniors only.

(Room M3 at 7:30pm)

Re-entry Seminars or Retreats for MKs

In North America

Barnabas International:

Interaction International:

Narramore Christian Foundation:

Canadian MK Network ReBoot:

In Germany

MK Care:

In Switzerland

TCK Care:

In Australia

Mission Interlink:


Reading Festival was fantastic! Thank you for participating!

Games Night. The seniors will be hosting a Games Night on Friday, February 17 for kids in grades 1-6. It will be from 7 to 8:30 pm. Look for an email with details about location and groups next week.


High School

ACT:  NCA has recently been approved as an ACT testing site. The ACT is a test used for college and university admissions. It is different than the SAT; some students do better on one test or the other and some institutions give out different scholarships based on the different tests. NCA (test center 875390) will be administering the ACT on April 8 this year. The deadline to register is March 3. Research the test or register for it at

SAT:  NCA offers the SAT twice a school year. Most grade 11 students take the exam at the end of the school year, though grade 10 or grade 12 students may also take advantage of this administration. NCA (test center 92725) will administer the SAT on May 6. The deadline to register is April 7. Research the test or register for it at

AP Exams. Students who are eligible to take an AP exam (Calculus, Comparative Government and Politics, English) received information about the exam earlier this term. Please contact NCA at if you would like to sign up your student to take these exams. We must know what exams your student wants to take by the end of Term 3.

Senior Exam Exemptions. The NMT has recently approved a new policy that will go into effect immediately. All seniors will be exempt from all semester 2 exams. We anticipate that you will be able to use this time well as you prepare for graduation and transitions.


 8 Feb.           MMP ends

11 Feb.            Skate Night

15 Feb.            Teacher In-service – Noon closure

17 Feb.            Spirit Day

17 Feb.            Class Meetings (Gr 7 – 10) – 2:20 pm

17 Feb.            Elementary Games Night

18 Feb.            NCA Invitational Tournament

24 Feb.            Sack Lunch Day

25 Feb.            Banquet for grades 10 – 12

27 Feb. –         Transitions Week
4 Mar.

9 Mar.             Term 3 Ends

28 Mar.           Term 4 Begins

8 – 21 Apr.    Achievement Testing



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