News & Notes: June 2017

Volume: 12                                                                                          Number: 10                                                                    June 2017

General Information:

Term Dates for 2016-2017 school year:  

Term 1              Aug. 8 – Oct. 5

Term 2              Oct. 24 – Dec. 20

Term 3              Jan. 16 – Mar. 15

Term 4              Apr. 4 – May 31


Honor Roll:   Congratulations to our 2015-16 Semester 2 Honor Roll students!  

Grade 7-12 High Honor Roll (Semester 2)

Nathanael Mol
Elicia Wakefield
Hannah Watters
Katie Burleson
Caleb Burnham
Brandt Woodard
Joshua Burnham
Caitie Diepenbrock
Jael Nyffenegger
Joshua Wakefield

Grade 7-12 Honor Roll (Semester 2)

Jervis Corotan
Ruth Dinoke
Ben Hulley
Nathan Smith
Cara Burleson
Judah Markley
Grace Weatherl
Avalon Luse
Rebekah Schlegel
Parker Snedeker
Sharla Banman
Lauren Copley
Jenny Cox
Stuart Michaud
Josanne Mol
Caleb Smith

Honor roll grades are tabulated from semester averages. To be named to the honor roll a student must have had

no grade lower than a B (82.5). To be named to the high honor roll, a student must have had no grade lower than an A- (89.5).

Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 3 core curricular classes for honor roll consideration.

Have a great school break!


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