December 2017: News and Notes

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December 2017


General Information

Christmas Festival

Christmas Festival is this Saturday, December 9. The schedule is as follows:

5-6:30            Food for purchase from grade 11 in the Conference Dining Hall

6-6:30            Shopping for students in kindergarten through grade 3

*Send students with their buying instruction sheet for their older shopping helper.

6:30-8:30      Shopping open for all

*Prices will be in kina. Cash is accepted and charges are only for NTM to NTM purchases.

Vendors received confirmation last week of tables. If you have questions, please contact Karen Balster at .


Christmas Program

Join the elementary students as they present a selection of readings, Christmas and winter songs to get you rejoicing and tapping your feet on Friday, December 15 from 3:15 to 4 pm. We’re excited to celebrate with you and your family!



Speech Therapist

There will be a speech therapist coming from SIL for a brief visit in February or March of 2018. If you have any questions about her services or are interested in scheduling an appointment with her, please contact Terri Sasaki this week at .




Our next elementary assembly is scheduled for December 13 at 7:45 am.  You are invited to come to the Conference Dining Hall to hear from each elementary class.


Christmas Program Practice

In preparation for the Christmas Program, grade 1-6 students will have a rehearsal during lunchtime on Monday, December 11. Please send your child with a packed lunch so they can eat together in the gym and then participate in the rehearsal. Please contact Emma Moore or Sibylle Galle with questions.


Early Release

Elementary students will be released at 1:55 on Tuesday, December 19 and at 12:05 on Wednesday, December 20.


Lapilo Parents

For children who eat lunch at home, please don’t send them to the playground until after 1:00. They are welcome to line-up for the afternoon with their class at that time.

The elementary dismisses at 2:45 each day. You should expect to see your children soon after that. We ask that they not hang out at the school because high school students are completing work detail until after 3.


Elementary Library Hours

Fun things are happening in the Elementary Library over break. It will be open many days. Attached is a complete schedule, and here are some highlights:

**Mommy and Me-Dec 21, Jan 4 and Jan 11

**Winter Wonderland Program-Jan 9 from 10-12


Jr. & Sr. High 

Spiritual Emphasis Weekend (SEW) Videos

If you would like a copy of the Hume Lake SEW videos and some pictures, please give a labeled flash drive to Karen Balster.


Exam Schedule



*Grade 7/8 students have PE.

All grade 7-12 students and teachers will follow the above schedule. Teachers for grades 7 and 8 and non-academic courses may use the exam blocks for instructions or tests. All grade 9-12 academic courses will have semester exams covering material from terms 1 and 2. The semester exam will be weighted as 20% of the semester grade. For all exams, students are to remain in the room during the entire scheduled time. At the teacher’s discretion, students may bring extra study materials or personal reading materials to use if they finish their exam early. If a student has a scheduled study hall during a 2 hour exam period (only), they may study quietly in the library or stay at home – one place or the other.


Post-HS Planning

NCA will have a post-HS planning meeting at 7 pm on Thursday, January 25 in M3. It is designed to be most helpful for current juniors and their parents, but sophomores who will be in their home countries over the summer or seniors that don’t have a plan may also find it beneficial.




6          All School Assembly, 7:45 am

9          Christmas Festival

11         Grade 1-6 Christmas Program Rehearsal, lunchtime

13         Elementary Assembly, 7:45 am

14         Crazy Christmas Dress-Up Day

15         Elementary Christmas Program, 3:15 pm

18-20    Exam Schedule and Early Releases

20         Term 2 End


Term 3 – January 16 through March 15 

Term 4 – April 4 through May 31


2018-2019 school year starts Tuesday, August 7.


  NCA Who’s Who teamwork

NCA Student Advocates

Keith and Angie Copley

Mark and Holly Woodard


NCA Management Team (NMT)

Angie Copley (Goroka Valley member)

Robyn Green (Principal)

Craig Hammonds (Vice Principal)

Judith Hedeen (Goroka Valley member)

Heather Saunders (elementary teacher)


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