November 2017: News and Notes


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November 2017


General Information

School Pictures

Individual school pictures were taken late last term. If you would like an electronic copy of your students’ pictures, please bring a labeled jump drive to Karen Balster in the high school office. There will be a make-up picture day in January if your student wasn’t present last term.


Staffing Needs 2018-2019

We’re already thinking about next school year. Please be praying for those people that have already expressed interest in coming to teach at NCA and for those that are seeking direction. We have needs from elementary to high school in a variety of areas. If you know of someone that is interested, please direct them to or have them email us at .


Speech Therapist

There will be a speech therapist coming from SIL for a brief visit in February or March of 2018. If you have any questions about her services or are interested in scheduling an appointment with her, please contact Terri Sasaki sometime before the end of the November at .



Lice Check

Lice checks will be completed in the next week. If your child needs to be treated, we will let you know.


Elementary PE

Elementary students are not required to change clothes for PE, but they may do so if they like. If they choose to change, they need to wear sports shorts to the knee and a t-shirt. If you have questions about what is appropriate, please contact Robyn Green at .



Our next elementary assembly is scheduled for December 13 at 7:45 am.  You are invited to come to the Conference Dining Hall to hear from each elementary class share something special from the term.


Jr. & Sr. High 

Spiritual Emphasis Weekend (SEW)

The team from Hume Lake is in country and SEW is happening soon!

Please email emergency contact information (as requested in a previous email) to Karen Balster at .

Please contact Scott Sasaki at if you are willing and able to help with overnight security at HS SEW.


Sports Tournaments

We’ve been able to schedule two sports tournaments for our HS girls’ basketball and boys’ soccer teams. The first will be at UIS on Friday, November 24. All grade 9-12 students will be released for the day. Another invitational will be held at NCA on Saturday, December 2. Athletes will receive more information from their coaches.





16-19    Senior High SEW

21-22    Junior High SEW

22         MMP ends

24         Invitational Tournament at UIS; grades 9-12 ONLY released for day

29         In-service; HS periods 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 meet; all students released at noon



1          Class Meetings, 3:10 pm

2          Invitational Tournament at NCA

6          All School Assembly, 7:45 am

9          Christmas Festival (more information to come)

13         Elementary Assembly, 7:45 am

14         Crazy Christmas Dress-Up Day

15         Elementary Christmas Performance, 3:15 pm (more information to come)

20         Term 2 End


Term 2 – Oct. 24 through Dec. 20

Term 3 – Jan. 16 through Mar. 15 

Term 4 – Apr. 4 through May 31


2018-2019 school year starts Tuesday, August 7



NCA Who’s Who teamwork

NCA Student Advocates

Keith and Angie Copley

Mark and Holly Woodard


NCA Management Team (NMT)

Angie Copley (Goroka Valley member)

Robyn Green (Principal)

Craig Hammonds (Vice Principal)

Judith Hedeen (Goroka Valley member)

Heather Saunders (elementary teacher)


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