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General Information

Help Needed! We need help during elementary art classes for the next month. You don’t have to be an artist or a parent of an artist to help; we just find ourselves needing an extra adult in the classroom to help with crowd control and supplies. We need help on the following days and times:

Mondays, 1:55 to 2:45 (grade 2)

Tuesdays, 1-1:50 (grade 4/5)

Wednesdays, 1-1:50 (grade 1)

Thursdays, 1-1:50 (grade 4/5)

Fridays, 1-1:50 (grade 3)

Please email Robyn Green at if you can help.


More Help Needed! We also are in need of an adult to be in the Elementary Office from 2 to 2:45 every day. We need somebody that can answer the phone and pass along messages to students or teachers. Occasionally you might have to help a student with an ice pack or bandage. The job is generally unexciting (in fact, people frequently read or work on small personal projects during this time), but it is important for us to have an adult in this role. Could you help out one day a week or more? If so, please contact Robyn Green at .


Picture Day. Individual school pictures for the yearbook will be taken on Wednesday, October 31st. Everybody make sure to mark your calendars and take your monthly bath before then! We do need an extra adult to help keep track of students on this morning.


Provincial Tournament. Provincial Tournament will be held at NCA on Friday, November 9th. There will be NO SCHOOL for all grades on this day.


Personal Electronic Devices. Students are not allowed to have personal electronic devices at school. There are no exceptions to this. Such devices include iPods and smart phones. Parents, please help us enforce this expectation by making sure devices stay at home.



Assembly. The first assembly of this term is Wednesday, October 24th.


Safe Child Program. Elementary students receive instruction on safe child practices each year during term two. Please follow-up with your student’s teacher if you’d like more information about exactly what they are learning and how you can reinforce that at home.


Kids that Live at Lapilo. Elementary students will be dismissed at 12:10 for lunch. For Lapilo students who go home for lunch, elementary students may return to the playground after 12:55 pm. Classes begin again promptly at 1:00 pm. Students are dismissed at 2:45 pm each day. Expect your students at home soon after, and please keep them away from the school and gym until after 3:05.


Elementary PE. Elementary students are not required to change clothes for PE, but they may do so if they like. If they choose to change, they need to wear sports shorts to the knee and a t-shirt. If you have questions about what is appropriate, please contact Robyn Green at .

Jr. & Sr. High 

Sports Tryouts. Grade 9-12 sports tryouts will be THIS Wednesday and Thursday from 3:55 until 5:15. Girls will be participating in basketball and boys in soccer. Coaches will communicate with students about the plans for a varsity team and the possibility of a developmental squad after tryouts.


PSAT. The PSAT test will be held for all grade 11 students on Wednesday, October 24th. Grade 11 students should meet at the HQ Conference Room at 7:45 am. They should come prepared with pencils, water, a snack, and the completed information page given to them at the end of term one. If you no longer have that information page to complete, please email Robyn Green at immediately.


ACT. NCA is scheduled to give the ACT test on Saturday, December 8th, however it is unlikely that we are going to have the technical setup completed. We are trying to arrange for another time. Please contact Robyn Green at if you are interested in having your grade 11 or 12 student take it so we can keep you up-to-date on progress.



23 Oct              Term Two Starts!

24 Oct              Elementary Assembly at 7:45 am in the Conference Dining Hall

24 Oct              PSAT for all grade 11 students

26 Oct              NO SCHOOL bc of teacher inservice

31 Oct              Picture Day

2 Nov               Class Meetings at 3:10 pm

3 Nov               Skate Night

8 Nov               Spirit Day

9 Nov               NO SCHOOL bc of Provincial Tournament at NCA

17 Nov              Invitational Tournament at UIS

20 Nov              Combined Class Lunch (more info to come from Student Council)

21 Nov              end of MMP

21 Nov              Noon Dismissal (HS periods 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 meet)

 26 Nov              MMP grades distributed

 1 Dec               Sadie Hawkins for grades 9-12 (this is a change in date)

 8 Dec               Christmas Festival (more info to come from Student Council)

 14 Dec              NCA Christmas Program

 19 Dec              Elementary Assembly at 7:45 am in the Conference Dining Hall

 20 Dec              Term Two Ends!


Term 1                  Tuesday, August 7 – Thursday, October 4  DONE!

Term 2                  Tuesday, October 23 – Thursday, December 20

Term 3                  Tuesday, January 8 – Thursday, March 7

Term 4                  Tuesday, March 26 – Thursday, May 23


NCA Who’s Who teamwork

NCA Management Team (NMT)

Dana Bowers (Elementary Teacher and Boarding Program Coordinator)

Robyn Green (Principal)

Craig Hammonds (Vice Principal)

Judith Hedeen (Goroka Valley Parent Member)

Robyn Parry (Goroka Valley Parent Member)



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