Current Openings

Second gradeNTM is a faith-based mission. NCA staff members are responsible to raise financial support to pay their salary and ministry expenses. They are expected to look to God, trusting only in Him; while making their needs known to their sending churches as well as other interested churches and individuals.

Our staff is made up of both associate (1-4 years) and career members of NTM. (To start in the upcoming school year, teachers must be identified by the end of March in order to get the paperwork process started.) If you are interested in beginning the process of serving at NCA please fill out the preliminary questionnaire here.

Our needs for the 2016-2017 school year are:
Lower Elementary
Upper Elementary
HS Math (urgent)
HS Science (urgent)

HS English
Educational Special Services
School Librarian
Art (all levels)
Music (all levels)
PE (all levels)