Come Teach!

We are always looking for qualified teachers to join the NCA Team! Prospective teachers for Numonohi Christian Academy must be approved as associates or career missionaries with NTM. They should be in agreement with NTM’s statement of faith. In addition, they should have at least two of the following three qualifications:

    •  Bachelor’s degree in education or teaching field
    •  Teaching credentials/certification from state or country of origin
    •  At least one year of classroom teaching experience

All teachers must be proficient in the English language, as this is our language of instruction. In addition, teachers should be willing to invest their lives in their students beyond just teaching in the classroom. There are opportunities to be involved in coaching, small group Bible studies, music, drama, and more. We view teaching as just one facet of the overall discipleship process. Finally, all candidates must be able to adjust to living in another culture and work as a team among people from a variety of countries and backgrounds.

The associates office can help you begin the application process to come to NCA!

Don’t forget to look through our Prospective Teacher Frequently Asked Questions. And please do feel free to contact us with any questions.