Curriculum Scope & Sequence – 4th Grade


Texts: Silver-Burdett-Ginn Mathematics Grade 4

General Goals: Students will achieve proficiency in the following content areas: Develop concepts and procedural ability with addition and subtraction of fractions and decimals. Relate fractions and mixed numbers to decimals. Develop concepts and procedural ability for long division with 1 or 2 digit divisors. Develop procedural ability for multiplying 2- and 3- digit numbers with 2- digit numbers. Explore basic concepts in geometry, statistics, and probability.

Goals By Term

Term 1 – Ch. 1: Place Value, Ch. 2: Adding & Subtracting Whole Numbers & Money, Ch. 3: Multiplication & Division Facts.
Term 2 – Ch. 4: Using Data and Probability, Ch. 5: Multiplying by One-Digit Numbers, Ch. 6: Multiplying by Two-Digit Numbers.
Term 3 – Ch. 7: Time and Measurement, Ch. 8: Dividing by One-Digit Divisors, Ch. 9: Fractions
Term 4 – Ch. 10: Decimals, Ch. 11:Geometry, Ch. 12: Dividing by Two-Digit Divisors.